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Studiocode is a video analysis tool used within the healthcare, education, research and corporate sectors to improve, measure and analyze performance.

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Innovative Solutions for Information Intensive Environments

Making Information powerful

Information is only truly powerful when it can be collected, managed, manipulated and shared.

Studiocode is a software tool for the purposes of qualitative and quantitative research, professional development and multidisciplinary analysis. Studiocode has everything you need to carry out your video-based tasks including powerful transcription facilities to produce subtitles with your video.

Well-rounded sophistication

The sophistication of Studiocode belies its simplicity of use and functionality. Studiocode is extremely practical, enabling organisations to capture, store, categorise, monitor, manage, recall and distribute video, audio and other rich media content very easily. Studiocode is a total solution product that allows you to categorise data either as it is being captured from the camera or from existing footage.

Video annotation and analysis has defined purposes in specialist training whether that be in healthcare, education, research or in the corporate world where quality evaluation is paramount.

One of Studiocode’s strengths lies in its ability to access comprehensive, up to date indices that help you find what you want in a few simple steps. You can use multi-leveled search categories to get amazingly targeted results, even across multiple files.

Studiocode pulls together vital statistical information and matches it seamlessly with video. And that’s just the beginning ! .. not only can you effortlessly review instances in the video according to your own assessment criteria, you can query this information using Boolean search routines. Instantly, your analysis is taken to the next level through multi-layered queries.

Increased Productivity & Flexibility

Studiocode’s portability is a feature of the product which allows organizations to integrate video competencies into their overall training regimes, both as a tool for tutoring feedback and also as a record of competency.  The ability to operate Studiocode from multiple sites, either on a case by case basis or concurrently, provides you with the kind of flexibilty previously only dreamed of.

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